Prefab Electrical Services

Electrical prefabrication is not an original idea. Some of the most respected names in the industry have embraced prefabrication for decades as a means of increasing efficiency and margin in their businesses.

What is prefabrication?

Prefabrication is the process of assembling parts or components that make up a larger assembly or system, prior to the scheduled field nstallation for the overall assembly or system. Using efficient prefabrication methods in a controlled setting will produce economies in the construction, labor, and profitability of your project. Electrical Prefab is here to aid you in the application of prefabrication with electrical projects.

What can you prefabricate during electrical projects?

Electrical rooms on unitized racks, pre-punched junction boxes and panel ends, MC cable cut to length with connectors, Unistrut cut to ength on Racks for Disconnects, lighting control panels, transformer bases, trapezes, custom wire assemblies, rooftop racks, equipment and control station stands, fixture whips, flex conduit pre-wired, cable tray supports, stainless steel stands, aluminum and hot dip galvanized racks, branch circuit outlet assemblies, underfloor conduit supports, rebar/duct assemblies, GRC nipples, floor sleeves, floor leaveouts, temporary power services, lighting assemblies, temporary power systems, temporary lighting systems, lighting brackets, ground bar assemblies, custom tools, storage containers, conduit racks, reel stands, motor controls, conduit supports, bus duct supports, sealtite assemblies, control stations, cord assemblies, production conduit bends, telephone outlets and risers, receptacle/whip assemblies, and nuclear reactors, [just checking to see if we are paying attention. The above list doesn’t begin to include everything but it gets you to start thinking about the variety of things you can do to make your job more profitable. The important part is learning to recognize opportunities in a project that can utilize electrical prefabrication to make you more efficient
in your projects and make you faster in the building project.

All the benefits Include:

  • Increase Labor efficiency and decrease overall cost
  • Provide adequate storage and better material organization
  • Implement better production tools
  • Reduce non-productive time
  • Provide a more clean and safe work environment
  • Eliminate the overlapping of work areas with other trades

That being said we would love to go over some Prefab Ideas to Make you More Productive In your Projects. Call us Now at 210-279-9565.